Efflorescent Love
/ ef·​flo·​res·​cence |ˌe-flə-ˈre-sənt / adj /
1. the action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower
2. the period or state of flowering
synonym, blossoming, flowering, growing​​​​​​​
This project was prompted by the Choose Your Weapon : Activism Show in April 2018, curated by Tory Novikova. The concept for my collection was a body of work that described anti-blackness and homophobia and how they intersect. This was influenced by the anti-blackness seen in the LGBT community and the homophobia seen in the Black community in my experience. As the project developed, the work evolved into symbols or pride rather than protest. The images are meant to evoke pride for those who can see themselves and identify with the pieces, and challenge those who view the LGBT community (especially Black LGBT people) as anything other than human being.
When we think of flowers, we think of grace, beauty, love, and many other things. If there's something you want to communicate, there is surely a flower for that. Each pieces is adorned with flowers that reflect that couple and their experience with identity, gender, and sexual orientation in relation to bigotry.
These symbols of pride were then turned into items that could be seen and worn such as stickers and shirts.
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