Liz Dantzler is a Brooklynite with a passion for illustration, storytelling, and design! They attended Pratt Institute where they graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design with a focus in illustration.
Liz has seven years of experience working in various facets of visual design such as typography, indie games, comics, and education. Liz loves to create stories and art that depict the world they live and experience. 
While Liz has had experience in multiple areas of visual art and design, they've recently dedicated their time to developing their upcoming webcomic 'Bread Pudding' as well as running a small online shop with original handmade art and merchandise which you may find here on their Etsy. Liz is currently open for freelance opportunities as well as full and part-time work. 
They are currently represented by Claire Draper at The Bent Agency. To contact Claire, please reach out at .    
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