Liz Dantzler is an Afro-Latine illustrator, designer and storyteller born and raised in Brooklyn. Liz has several years of experience along with gaining their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design with a focus in illustration. Works from Liz can be seen in various facets such as typography, game assets, comics, and educational media. Liz loves to create stories and art that depict the world they live in and their personal experiences.
Alongside Liz's vast experience in visual arts, they are also in the development phase of their upcoming webcomic titled 'Bread Pudding'. As well as running their own merchandising store which you can find online and in person at events.
When not drawing, Liz enjoys a good bubble tea, playing rhythm games, and babying their heart-breakingly small cat Lukas.
They are currently represented by Claire Draper at Azantian Literary Agency. To contact Claire, please reach out at    
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